Your Next Move


Several potential homeowners choose to rent because they think they can’t afford a home when the reality is that if you are making rent payments, you can likely afford to own. Keep these financial factors in mind when it comes to renting.

Renewal Fees- It’s common for rent rates to increase at renewal.

Moving Costs- If you choose to move rather than renew your lease, you’ll need to hire movers and buy packing material already.

Parking Fees- Many apartments charge additional fees to have reserved parking.

Pets- Dogs and cats almost always cost more in deposit fees and additional increases in monthly rental rate.

Family??- People are having more roommates and family live with them due to rental shortages and landlords are taking advantage of them by charging higher rents per person.

Storage- Have a hobby?  Like the holidays and to decorate?  Need a place to store the Christmas tree or train set?  More fees!

WHEN YOU RENT, YOU GET LITTLE IN RETURN.  Investing in a home offers you the benefits of equity, value appreciations in most years and tax benefits.

Are you ready to look into being a homeowner?  Maybe you know someone else that may be ready… or needs to move out of your man care or sheshack? Our team of specialists will take great care of anyone you know who is ready for their next move or may be going through the buying process for the first time.

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